Author Shares 'Grave Secrets' With Young Audience

Deadtime Stories, children's horror fiction series, author Annette Cascone visited the Hasbrouck Heights Public Library Tuesday.

Children were eager to hear more and more about “Grave Secrets” the first book in the Deadtime Stories children’s horror fiction series as one of the authors read to them and screened some clips of the film version during her visit to the Tuesday.

Annette Cascone writes the series with her sister Gina.  There are currently four books and two more are about to be released. The books may soon be turned into a TV series as well, Cascone said.

Through stories about her own childhood, she told the kids about the types of books that inspired her to get into reading.

As kids she and her sister enjoyed scaring each other as it would always lead to fits of laughter. As they set out to write this series they wanted to have elements that were scary right along with things that would have children laughing as well.

And there were many giggles as the kids got to watch some scenes from “Grave Secrets” on the big screen. The tale is about a group of friends who believe the old woman who lives next door is a witch who can put spells on them. Cascone said it was inspired by her own childhood experience as she and her sister lived next door to a creepy-looking house they believed was scary.  

Cascone interacted with the children asking them to share their own ideas for what they thought may happen next after a particular scene, inspiring them to think about writing their own stories someday.



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