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Heights Community Reflects on 9-11

Hasbrouck Heights community gathers at memorial to reflect and remember on the 11th anniversary of 9-11.

It was a day much like this Tuesday was. Sunny and beautiful.

But that soon changed on that fateful day 11 years ago when two planes crashed into the World Trade Center and changed lives forever.

This Tuesday evening the members of the Hasbrouck Heights community conducted a memorial service at to reflect, remember and respect all those lost on that tragic day 11 years ago.

Deacon Paul Carris of Corpus Christi Church, a survivor of 9-11, gave the invocation and benedication at the ceremony.

All those who spoke reflected on the events of that fateful day and remembered the families of the victims who are still hurting today over that loss.

Police Chief Michael Colaneri spoke of the police officers who were killed and their families. The chief said those officers did what they would do on any other day - go off to work not knowing what their fate will be. On that day, they never came home.

Fire Chief Richard Giarratana said he thinks of the number 343 when he reflects on 9-11 for that is the number of firefighters who were killed that day and therefore the same number of families left devasted.

Council members Justin DiPisa and David Gonzalez spoke of where they were when they learned of the attacks, sharing the emotions, fears and concerns they had as they took in the events of that day. Gonzalez spoke of American spirit and how many have moved forward as a result of what happened in an effort to make a difference.

Mayor Rose Heck also left all with a positive message telling them "you are welcome to come here [9-11 memorial] to sit, meditate, to pray and to thank God for all the good things we have in our lives."

The services also included a dedication of a plaque recognizing all those who played a role in the 10 year anniversary memorial which was dedicated last year.


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