West Nile Carrying Mosquito Found in Bergen County, Officials Advise Residents

County mosquito control says the Asian Tiger Mosquito, which could transmit West Nile and other viruses, is now in Bergen County.

County and local officials are asking residents to help control the population of the Asian Tiger Mosquito, or ATM, which is capable of transmitting West Nile and other viruses.

Due to recent mild winters, the ATM, which is black with bright white markings and about 1/4" in length is now in Bergen County, according to the county Public Works Mosquito Control Division which is working in conjunction with Hasbrouck Heights’s mayor and council.

The ATM is a daytime biter and container breeder, laying its eggs in small containers of standing water in the shade.

County and local officials advise residents to:

  • Eliminate standing water on their properties in buckets, flower pots, toys, old tires, empty containers and on the bases of portable basketball nets.
  • Screens should be placed over rain barrels.
  • Eliminating trash is also important as the ATM will breed in water on plastic bags and in bottle caps.


For further information contact the B.C. Mosquito Control Division at
www.co.bergen.nj.us/departments/mosquito.html or call 201 -634-2880.

Danielle June 12, 2012 at 06:10 PM
I alerted the county to this mosquito 3 years ago. Actually sent them samples because I couldn't believe I was being bitten all day long. I cant believe it took them this long. :/


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