Spooky Proof that Ghosts Exist Comes to Heights

Hasbrouck Heights community packed the library community room Tuesday night to hear a presentation on ghost research from the South Jersey Ghost Research team.

Do you believe in ghosts?

The South Jersey Ghost Research team does. The team came to the Hasbrouck Heights library Tuesday night to talk about this spooky subject just in time for Halloween which is fast approaching. 

People packed the community room at the library to standing room only eager to hear what the ghost research team had to say about paranormal activity.  

Images of apparitions caught on film and voices caught on tape were shown on video walking the audience through the many investigations the ghost research team has conducted.

They use the latest scientific methods and tools in their research. One of the more shocking images they showed was a series of photos where an outline of what appears to be a male figure is visible. 

SJGR has pioneered the technique of using digital photography with night vision optics to capture apparitions on film. According to the research team catching apparitions on film is rare but in the first three months of using this technique they managed to get five on film.

The team’s mission is to help those who are having problems dealing with unexplained activity in their home. They do not charge for their services and all members are volunteers. They conduct investigations to homes and businesses just about every weekend said Maureen Carroll, one of the certified investigators. They also set out to investigate historic areas around New Jersey, New York, Delaware and Pennsylvania such as the Burlington County Prison Museum.

The researches believe there are many reasons for why ghosts may be here. Perhaps they want to be near loved ones during special times or perhaps they want to get a message to someone. They have found that ghosts have the same personality they had in life and believe they should be left alone.  

The place these ghosts may settle may be where they were most happiest in life and they do not believe in disturbing that, said Carroll. Their purpose for helping clients is to get them to understand what the presence in their home may be eliminating the fear of the unknown.

For more information on the South Jersey Ghost Researchers visit www.hauntedhelp.org.


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