Heights Seeks Solution for Salon's Altered Entrance

Borough engineer suggests a railing be installed at the entrance of Primadonna Salon to resolve the elevated access to the salon caused by the recent new sidewalk and handicap accessible ramp installation.

Talks between the borough and the owner of Primadonna Salon continue as a solution is being sought for the salon's entrance which was altered as a result of the recent new sidewalk installation on the Boulevard.

Instaling a railing at the front of the salon is the suggested best option, accordin to Borough Engineer Ken Job who reported to the mayor and council Tuesday on his recent meeting with the salon's owner Susan Sconzo and Borough Administrator Mike Kronyak.

The salon, which is located at the corner of Franklin and Boulevard, previously had a slight incline at the entrance but the installation of new sidewalks and  handicapped accessible curb ramps brought down the grade and now two steps were created at the entrance of her salon as a result.

Sconzo has voiced her complaint at previous council meetings claiming she has not been warned the access to her salon would change. She's cited that the steps create a hardship for some of her clients who now are unable to access the salon.

Job said provided Sconzo agrees they will install the railing at the front of the shop.

Sconzo had also previously cited safety concerns regarding the condition of the sidewalk on Franklin next to her property which was damaged during the sidewalk construction. Job confirmed Tuesday night that the crew will come in to repair the sidewalk damage.

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