More Dining Outdoor Options May Be Possible in Heights

Officials are considering allowing restaurants with corner properties to offer outdoor seating around the corner.

Some eateries on the Boulevard with corner properties may be able to add some more outdoor seating in the near future.

Borough officials are looking into amending existing zoning code regarding sidewalk cafes so that such restaurants could add seating for outdoor dining purposes around the corner of the property.  

Driving along the Boulevard during the summer months passers by may see one or two tables and chairs in front of some establishments but overall there is not a great deal of outdoor dining options in the borough. This condition would now allow some more properties to offer outdoor dining if conditions apply.

The ordinance would limit seating to no further back than 50 feet from the Boulevard and no closer than 5 feet from a residential entrance. It also specifies that if the side of the restaurant faces a side-street only half of the sidewalk could be used. 

Borough Attorney Ralph Chandless pointed out that due to the limited conditions this would not apply to many establishments. He also pointed out that the business must also have a required sidewalk café license and other rules would apply before outdoor seating would be allowed.

Currently businesses that meet the conditions and have a license can offer outdoor seating during the summer months but this amendment would now allow the properties with side properties to offer additional seating if conditions apply.

The goal is to help promote business in the central business district, according to Chandless.

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