What is Open/Closed in Hasbrouck Heights? UPDATE

Some businesses are reopening on Route 17, Borough Hall still on generator power, charging center at senior center still open. Gas remains in high-demand in the borough and surrounding areas.

UPDATE 3 p.m.  Power restoration to parts of Route 17 is bringing more businesses back in operation and with it traffic as cars were lined up for miles waiting to fill up at the BP station on the northbound side.

Hasbrouck Heights police were directing traffic as cars were lined by as far back as East Rutherford. At the base of Franklin Avenue and Route 17 cars were backed up all the way Franklin almost to Terrace Avenue and into Field Avenue.

Earlier in the day the Getty station on Route 17 south had a sign up that said Diesel only. Traffic was also backed up on the northern part of the Boulevard as two gas stations on Route 46 on the Lodi border were causing cars to back up as one after one tried to get into line to fill up.

Open/closed businesses:

The 24Hour Fitness is back open at the strip mall located at the base of Williams and Route 17 South. Also open there were Goldberg Bagels, the liquor store and cleaners. Starbucks is back as well. Dunkin Donuts and Verizon Wireless are open as well as Bendix Diner. It's believed IHOP is open as well.

Just about all the shops on the south end of the Boulevard are open from Passaic Avenue (TD Bank) to Washington Avenue. Shadow Mart is still closed as well as the businesses on the Boulevard between Central and Madison like Henry's Deli.

Still closed are Shadow Food Mart, the Minit Mart and all businesses on the Boulevard between Central and Madison except Hasbrouck Heights Pizza. Further down the Boulevard Bejay's Pharmacy and Jagged Edge were open but the other busineses including Danson Jewelers were closed.

The Dunkin Donuts at Williams and Boulevard is open. The shops across the street between Lawrence and Boulevard were also closed.

Down on Terrace Avenue both EZ Deli and Subworks were open Thursday.

Borough offices:

Borough Hall offices are still operating on generator power. The tax office is open for those who need to pay tax bills. 

The library is getting somewhat back to normal. Mimi Hui, library director, reports that books can now be checked out and there is WiFi but the Internet is down. The library will be open til 4 p.m. Thursday. As previously mentioned Lego night is off for Friday.


Public schools will remain closed on Friday, Nov. 2 school officials say.


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