Officials Plan Lions Club Tribute Through Park Pavillion Project

Borough works to replace pavilion at Woodland Park

While the borough continues to take steps to install a new pavilion at Woodland Park, Mayor Rose Heck and council members want to be sure that the Lions Club will be duly recognized for the work they have continuously put into the park since its inception.

Once the new pavilion is complete borough officials will add an inscription to the fireplace and chimney structure which was a gift from the Lions Club and has been a fixture within the pavillion ever since. The current pavillion structure has long been showing signs of wear and tear and officials say it has long since outlasted its life expectancy.

Earlier this year the borough appropriated the sum of $140,000 towards the new pavilion, of which $69,500 comes from a Bergen County Open Space Trust Fund grant.

Mayor Heck  stated that many of the younger people in town may not be aware of all the work the Lions Club has done over the years such as acquiring the land for the park, and their continuous support in helping the borough to keep the park going and it should be noted by way of an inscription on the fireplace.

The fireplace and chimney currently sit within a pavilion at Woodland Park. The borough is currently working to replace the current pavilion structure with a new one as the old one has long since outlived its life expectancy officials have said.

n order to keep the fireplace and chimney in tact, however Kenneth Job, borough engineer, told the council Tuesday night that the style they have chosen for the new pavilion can be modified to fit around the fireplace and chimney structure.

Job added that the engineers are in the process of completing specs and expects to be ready to go bid in the fall. Officials expect the project to be completed by next spring.  





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