What's Open on Christmas Day in Hasbrouck Heights?

Looking for a place to get your coffee, dine out or get some last minute grocery items? We did a little research and found out what local places will open Tuesday.

Christmas Day is almost here! As expected most businesses and eateries stay closed on this holiday but as previous years have shown Patch has once again found that a handful of places will be open for some last minute needs.

Those looking their coffee fix to get the big day started can likely head to Dunkin' Donuts which plans to be open most of the day. The location at Williams and the Boulevard is usually open all morning til late afternoon and the one on Route 17 South usually stays open 24 hours. Starbucks on Route 17 South will close on Christmas Day.

The famous Bendix Diner on Route 17 never closes and is always open all all holidays including Christmas Day. IHOP on Route 17 South opens for breakfast and an early lunch.

Most of the Chinese restaurants usually open on Christmas Day. Mt. Fuji Restaurant opens late afternoon for dinner as well as Houlihan's. The Ivy Inn Restaurant on Terrace does not have dining options on Christmas Day as per its website however it does have a special Christmas Eve menu.  Reservations must be made by calling 201-393-7699.

Heights Bar & Grill on the Boulevard will be closed all day but will likely re-open around 7 p.m. that evening.

As for convenience stores the Minit Mart and Nick's Quik Stop are usually open early morning until mid-afternoon.

Gyms like 24 Hour Fitness will be closed all day.  All banks will be closed including TD Bank which is known for opening on most holidays but Christmas Day is one of the four holidays where the bank does not all day.

Last but not least, if you are looking for some fun fast food you can go to Sonic Restaurant on Route 17 North which will be open until 5 p.m.

Got any other information on what is open and closed on Christmas Day? Leave a comment below!


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