Skype Brings Readers Face to Face with Author

Members of the library's teen book discussion group had a face to face discussion with Wendy Mass author of "A Mango Shaped Space" via Skype this week.

The was able to bring together the readers in the "Talk It Up" teen book group with "A Mango Shaped Space" author Wendy Mass thanks to the technology of Skype.

The readers eagerly huddled around the laptop computer waiting for Mass to call in, excited for the chance to "meet" her. In fact it was as though Mass was in the same room with them as they all chatted easily back and forth about the book.

The teens wanted to know everything from what gave her the idea of the book, the characters and whether or not she has a follow up book planned. Mass spoke of how she had set out to write a book geared towards teen readers. Through some of her research she came across the condition known as synesthesia and decided to base a book around a main character who deals with this condition. Those with synesthesia have the perceive numbers and shapes with colors.

She also gave the readers an idea of what she plans to work on next and shared her advice to those interested in writing. Haas told them to never give up as writers, even herself, will get rejections but one must keep at it if they really care about his or her craft.

The Wednesday book group, which was one of the components of the libary's , concluded this week with the meet the author Skype visit. Two groups met once a week - one group for older teens grades 10 to 12 met on Tuesday evenings and the Wednesday afternoon group was geared towards teens grades 6 to 9.


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