Heights Community Reflects, Remembers 9/11

Community members say we must never forget Sept. 11 2001 and to remember all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

The Heights community sings along as Paul Fitzpatrick leads them in song. Credit: Alana Quartuccio
The Heights community sings along as Paul Fitzpatrick leads them in song. Credit: Alana Quartuccio
Members of the community gathered at the 9/11 memorial Wednesday to reflect on that tragic day 12 years earlier which changed lives forever. 

Sharing his reflections with the audience, Hasbrouck Heights Police Chief Michael Colaneri said while we remember the victims of the terrorist attacks  we also remember how it affected us as a nation. 

"We also remember our emotions, the anger, the fear the sadness. I remember the way we came together as a nation, proudly flew our flag, listened to patriotic music, hugged our loved ones a little tighter than normal. We were kinder and realized how precious life is. I know we will never forget," said Colaneri. 

As the years have gone by he's realized that today's youth was either too young or not even born at the time of the attacks and it is up to us to inform them. 

"It's not only up to us to remember but to inform future generations so that they know so this tragedy never happens again," said Colaneri. 

Barry Leventhal, a Hasbrouck Heights resident, and retired Sergeant of the Bergen County Police Department Office of Emergency Management spoke of the sacrifices emergency workers made that day and what was done to protect us as a community and a nation. 

"We must always be thankful and appreciate our men and women who serve us daily both here and abroad, the people we'll never know but put their lives on the line for us,"  said Leventhal. 

"We must remain vigilant, resilient and never forget  Sept. 11, 2001 and those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for us," he said. 

Members of the community led the group in song - Paul Fitzpatrick sang "On Eagle's Wings" and "Amazing Grace" while Conchita Parker led all in the "Star Spangled Banner" and "God Bless America." 


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