Underemployment is better then UNemployment, but not by much.

Neighbors-Helping-Neighbors is a grass roots organization helping job searchers network and exchange information, inspiring them, and motivating them.
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Underemployment. 16% in 2011. You can bet that it was actually higher.

Underemployment can be as bad as unemployment. To take a job below your salary and career needs is a very hard pill to swallow everyday you have to do it. Not only is the person not making enough, they are in a position that could lead nowhere in their own career goals. Opportunities can open up for moving up and on, but they may take awhile and might not be in the direction the person wants to go.

Typically a college graduate will work in minimum wage job until graduation, all the while dreaming of something better. Now, they graduate and can be stuck in that position for some more time, maybe even a few year. It is demoralizing; life seemingly out of control, all efforts falling to naught and many are left wondering if this will this end.

The Underemployed will be told they are fortunate to have a job, any kind of employment, especially when so many have nothing. In an economy where employers discriminate against the unemployed, there is some truth to that.
Still, there is hope for the underemployed and, perhaps, they are some of the better equipped job seekers out there. Here are some ways to begin the escape!

Time management and energy management-Most people struggle with this the most. Scheduling where there is no fear of punishment or job loss. Sometimes, it is not the lack of enough hours in a day. If a job seeker is already working, energy may be the issue. Set up enough time a day to do anything that requires a lot of brain power first and work your way down.

Remember that the bare essentials are there- Yes, unemployment discrimination exists. The Underemployed, however, have the job, even if it is part time, and that takes care of the gap issue. Take a little comfort and pride in the fact that you have succeeded in holding on this long. However, the kind of work the seeker is doing might not be related to the field they are going into. This leads to another gap in the resume: a skills gap. So….

Volunteer-A great way to add skills to your resume! Find an organization or institution in a field that you enjoy and walk in. Ask if they are looking for volunteers and offer your services for a certain amount of time a week. In a short time, imagination and interest could lead you to add new skills to the resume, opening up new options and possibilities. This is a great avenue for the volunteer, perhaps better than the internship.

Slip in something loved-If the volunteer position is not enough, jam this in for an hour or so. This should be something you enjoy deeply, you have some control of, something that engrosses you. Running, writing, playing with the dog, the kids, a hike, a walk or anything to ease and focus your mind.
Stay positive-The most general piece of advice, the most general part of any action plan. Continue networking, continue applying and continue to follow leads, ask questions and show up for the job. Remember this is only temporary, no matter what, as long as you make the effort to keep it temporary.


The following is Success Story number 124. The Success Stories are sent to all N-H-N members from John and are a terrific source of inspiration and hope. Here’s one of the more recent ones. Take a look and consider the possibilities of joining our organization!

Hi John,
I just want you to know that for the past few weeks, I've been working at my
former employer, TD Bank in a contract position. However, I expect to be hired
in the near future.
I would like to thank you for creating and leading NHN and for devoting so much
time and energy to helping people. The support and camaraderie that NHN provides
to its members is invaluable and greatly helped me.
I also want to send a big thank you to Jacque Weiss for doing such a wonderful
job leading the Ridgewood NHN and giving us excellent advice every week.
Best of luck to everyone. I will keep in through Ridgewood NHN.
Warmest Regards,
Diane Allard

It CAN be done! We can do this! Keep striving, Folks!

Peace and Good Will!

Matt Milsop 

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