Five Things to Do When You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

A list of suggestions for singletons on the most romantic day of the year.

That day is upon us once more. Couples will fill restaurants and movie houses, two by two. The streets will run red with roses and hearts. Romance will engulf every object imaginable. The day when happy couples celebrate their love by rubbing everyone else’s nose in it. Valentine’s Day has descended.

Those that are alone on Valentine’s Day have come to calling it “Single’s Awareness Day” or S.A.D. for short. What can they do to keep their minds off the cruelest of holidays?

  • Volunteer – What better way to feel better than to give back to others? Look for an animal shelter, soup kitchen, or homeless shelter. Helping others is one of the best ways to feel a little less lonely. Not only that, but as we get further and further away from the holidays those places are hurting for volunteers more than ever. No time to feel sorry for yourself when you’re surrounded by the less fortunate.
  • Go to the Gym – A day at the gym is another great option. Working out can be a great solo activity no matter what day it is, so it’s not odd to see someone come in, and leave, by themself. Another point: Couples rarely go to a gym on Valentine’s day so anyone who’s there is probably single (an added bonus?). Max Kreischer of said, “If you come into a gym and you want someone in your life who’s healthy and fit this is the perfect spot to come. If they don’t have plans on Valentine’s Day and they like to work out, they’re going to be here.”
  • Order in and Watch a Movie – Its tough going to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day unless you’re one half of a couple, even if you do bring a friend. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some great food cooked by someone else. Order a feast from your favorite eatery, kick back, and have a little movie marathon. Maybe a few films with an anti-Valentine’s Day theme: “The War of the Roses, “Fatal Attraction,” “Thelma & Louise?” You can even invite some friends over and make a real night of it.
  • Read a Book – Mimi Hui, the director of the explained  the  “Have a Blind Date with a Book” program. “You check out a book not knowing its title. We have a couple of books that are wrapped in pretty red tissue paper and just like a blind date you get a little hint like whether it’s fiction or non-fiction and the book may introduce a person to a new subject or author. It’s like a grab bag.” Library patrons pick a book, unwrap it and read it without seeing the cover. It’s a great way to discover a new author and pass an evening. The program runs through the month of February.
  • Visit Family – Maybe this sounds like a horrible idea. There are many people with pushy family members that can’t understand why they’re still single. They poke and prod and make you feel even worse about being alone. Well, in the end, family members are the ones who will always be there, waiting with loving arms, even if you have to submit to an interrogation to get to them. They’ll be the ones that will comfort you once they stop asking if you’re dating anyone. Why not pay them a visit to say, “I love you?"


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