Heights May Share 911 Service With Little Ferry

The police department currently answers 911 calls for Wood-Ridge and Teterboro and may now do the same for Little Ferry.

The borough may soon share its 911 dispatch system with Little Ferry.

Police Chief Michael Colaneri told the mayor and council Tuesday the Little Ferry police chief recently expressed interest in having take over the answering of their department’s 911 calls.

Heights currently provides this service to the boroughs of Wood-Ridge and Teterboro. Little Ferry would be charged $7,500 for the year, the same amount the other two boroughs pay for the service, he said.

Colaneri said the department’s system would be able to cover Little Ferry without the need for any additional equipment or manpower.

Heights police would answer the call automatically transfer it to Little Ferry which would handle its own dispatching, the chief explained.

Both boroughs will need to make the agreement official before the shared service could begin.


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