Heights Sees Slight Increase in Reported Crimes, Report Says

The 2011 Uniform Criminal Crime Report shows the number of reported crimes in Hasbrouck Heights has gone up slightly from the previous year.

The overall number of criminal incidents in Hasbrouck Heights remain relatively low compared to neighboring municipalities however the number of crimes is on a slight incline according to the 2011 Uniform Criminal Crime Report released last week.

A total of 81 crimes occured in the borough in 2011, up from 73 crimes in 2010, the report shows.

Seventy-eight of those crimes were considered non-violent and the remaining three are considered violent crimes - 2 robberies and 1 aggravated assault and 0 murders according to the the report. Out of the non-violent crimes 15 were burglaries, 62 larceny and 1 motor vehicle theft.

Statewide there was a slight increase in crime overall according to the New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa.

“Although the factors that influence crime trends are complex and interwoven, we remain committed to working harder and smarter to combat crime and protect New Jersey citizens during what remains a tough economic time for much of our state and our nation," Chiesa said in a statement.

A full copy of the 2011 Crime Index Report can be found here.

See the chart below


2011 2010 Crime Index Total 81 73 Violent Crime 3 1 Nonviolent crime 78 72 Crime rate per 1,000 6.8 6.2 Violent crime rate per 1,000 0.3 0.1 Nonviolent crime rate per 1,000 6.6 6.1


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