Patrol Cars To Get Digital Video Recording System

The police department's eight patrol cars may soon have an upgraded video system as the old VHS system has become outdated.

The borough is in the process of upgrading the video recording system housed in each of the eight patrol cars.

Borough officials introduced a bond ordinance last week to fund about $75,000 towards the purchase of the new equipment.

Police Chief Michael Colaneri says the old video system in these vehicles  is at least 10 years old and has become outdated and non-functional. The old system used the VHS system and replacement parts are not available at this point, he explained.

The new system will be all digital. Information can be downloaded automatically to the department’s server, the chief said.

The cameras are used to tape footage at the scene which can be used as evidence. They turn on automatically when the sirens are turned on but can also be turned on manually as well, the chief explained.

They are only used in regular marked patrol cars. Other police vehicles do not have cameras, the chief said.  


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