Secure Vehicles to Prevent Burglaries, Police Advise

Three auto burglaries took place Monday with no forced entry, police say.

continue to remind residents to lock doors and windows on their vehicles and remove valuables as another string of burglaries to autos took place this week.

According to the police blotter, three burglaries to autos took place over the course of the day Monday. The first was reported around 8:30 a.m. on Terrace Avenue near Madison Avenue. Police learned of another incident at 2:45 p.m. on Burton Avenue near Myers Avenue and late afternoon just before 6 p.m. there was a third report of a burglary to an auto on Terrace Avenue in the area of Bell Avenue.

Police say no forced entry was used as the vehicles were left unlocked therefore department officials once again are reminding residents to secure their vehicles when leaving them unattended for any length of time.

“Car burglaries can sometimes happen when owners leave car doors unlocked for easy entry. Thefts from vehicles occur at all hours, day and night,” said Chief Michael Colaneri in a statement.  Valuables such as GPS devices, laptops and bags should not be left in the vehicle and should either be taken along upon exiting the vehicle or locked away in the trunk, the chief says.

Also signs such as docking stations, phone chargers or even loose change or a CD left  out in plain sight in the vehicle could entice a thief to “investigate,” says Colaneri. He added that keys should not be left in the ignition and all doors and windows should be locked, and alarm set when leaving the vehicle unattended.

To protect one’s home from a possible burglary, the chief advises to not leave garage openers in the vehicle as this could provide a thief with easy access to the home. The chief also advises residents to not leave doors and windows unlocked in their homes which is one of the most common mistakes in leading to home burglaries. When leaving the home for an extended period of time a light should be left on in one or two rooms or leave on a radio or TV so it appears someone is home.  Valuables like cash and jewelry should not be left out in plain view as thieves want items that are easy to carry and conceal, said Colaneri.

Residents should let a trusted neighbor know if they plan to be away on vacation, or if leaving the home for an extended period of time they can also let the police department know to add the home to its vacant home list, said the chief. Suspicious activity should be reported to the police department by calling 201-288-1000.


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