Three New Members Join Fire Department, Another Resigns

Borough and fire department officials welcomed three new volunteers to Engine Company No. 1 Tuesday night. Another member has resigned from Truck Company One.

Three new volunteers have joined the while yet another has resigned.

Tuesday night borough officials accepted the appointment of Jeffrey E. Grubb, Jonathan D. Grubb and Kenneth D. Lambert to the volunteer fire department's Engine Company 1.

Fire chiefs Pat Hayes and Angelo Roccamo were joined by Mayor Rose Heck and council members in welcoming Jonathan and Jeffrey Grubb who were both present at the meeting. Lambert was not in attendance.

Officials also accepted the resignation of Mark Waring from the department's Truck Company One.

Over the past few months there had been concerns from some members of the community regarding the status of the department as a since the start of the new year. About 15 volunteers had resigned, mostly due to being unable to meet the required percentages and another three had been terminated due to non-compliance with bylaws according to fire department officials.

Last month the borough gave the okay to allow the fire department to to the department to act as a support crew.

This membership allows volunteers to take on assigned duties from the fire chiefs to assist volunteers at the fire house or on calls but not with actual firefighting, Fire Chief Richard Giarratana stated last month.

The associate membership is designed to allow those who want to take part in the department but are unable to put in the required amount of time to calls and needed training to still play a role, the chiefs explained previously.

It is not known at this time if anyone has signed up for the associate membership since it was approved last month. The department will continue to recruit new firefighters, the chief has stated.

Mike August 19, 2012 at 08:33 PM
Clarification is needed. I see these HHFD articles all the time and the terminology is wrong and sickening. The 15 resigned in disgust, yes...but the other volunteers were not terminated.....you cant be terminated when you volunteer your free time. They were told their help was unwanted and obviously unappreciated due to them not making a certain percentage of calls. But they did make many calls and helped and saved many people, but due to their own lives and families, due to working 2 jobs and paying a mortgage they had limited time.....but they gave it up anyway. But it just wasnt enough. I give thanks and credit to the members that remain for their time and they are fortunate to have that extra time, but when the day comes that you need to take a second or third job to pay your mortgage and HHFD says thanks for your passion, thanks for your commitment and giving what time you have left, BUT, get lost it aint enough, well, what would you expect. You watched it happen to your peers and turned your backs. But get one thing straight, they were nit terminated, just unappreciated. MIKE ADAMS ------ God bless my fellow Cops and firemen and EMT's, Stay safe.
Mike Christensen August 21, 2012 at 02:40 PM
well said Mike, Thank you


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