Billboard Application Would Need Further Changes

The media company would need to further revise its plans to build a billboard on the eastern side of Route 17 in order to obtain another public hearing from the Zoning Board.

Dougan Outdoor Media will need to revise its plans once more if the company wants to further pursue the construction of a billboard on the eastern side of Route 17.

The media company returned to the Hasbrouck Heights Zoning Board last Thursday with a revised application however board members voted to bar the hearing as members were under the belief the presented changes were not significant enough from the original application, according to a recording of the meeting Patch obtained from the borough. 

The board’s attorney Andrew Rotolo referred to the term res juricata, a Latin term meaning “already judged.”

The original application had been denied by the Board in July. The application had received only four favorable votes and five favorable votes are needed in order to grant a use variance, according to Zoning Board members.

Stephen Pellino, the attorney for the media company stated last week, as per the recording, he believed that the change in distance from where the billboard would be constructed to the existing building on the company’s property made the new application different. However board members stated they believed it did not differ as the request for a use variance did not change.

A use variance is needed in this case because the zone permits billboard construction however the application met 11 of the 13 conditions required therefore use variance would need to be granted, zoning board members said. 


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