Heights Seeks Funding for Park Improvements

Borough applies for an Open Space Trust Fund grant to improve Polify Road Park on Terrace Avenue. Heights has previously received grant funding towards upgrades to Firemens' Memorial Park and Veterans Memorial Park.

Hasbrouck Heights is working towards having its borough parks improved.

Council members authorized an application Tuesday night for a county Open Space Trust Fund grant to fund improvements to on Terrace Avenue.

The borough is applying for $24,000 to be put towards new sidewalks, brick pavers, the installation of a flag pole and electricity, explained Mike Kronyak, borough administrator. The borough will put up another $24,000 of its own towards the project, he said.

This is the third grant the borough has applied for towards park improvements. The borough has previously received an $18,000 grant which was put towards the improvements towards which is now also the site of the 9-11 Memorial.

The borough matched the funding towards the improvements which included new sidewalks and the installation of electricity, which was put in last year prior to the dedication of two steel beams from the World Trade Center which now serves as the borough's 9-11 memorial. Some of the community contributed donations towards the borough's portion of the improvements of the park and the 9-11 memorial.

The borough has received approval for grant funding towards improvements to located at Terrace Avenue and Passaic. A time frame for when work will be done has not been determined at this time.

Kronyak said originally the borough had applied for grant funding for improvements to all three parks at once but county funding was not available at the time due to cutbacks. The borough split the project into three parts, applying for one grant at a time.

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