Depken Field Improvement Project to Move Forward

Borough and school officials to finalize details for project which is expected to be done this spring.

Borough and school officials are working together to finalize improvements to Depken Athletic Field which officials hope can be done this spring.

Discussions regarding improvements to the field have been ongoing for some time and now it appears that the project is moving forward as Borough Engineer Kenneth Job reported last week that he and Mike Kronyak, borough administrator, will meet with school officials to finalize the project.

Improvements include the installation of new fencing along the Franklin Avenue side of the field. Job described the new slide fence as being like the one at the Giants practice facility. When looking at it straight on, the fence will appear to look solid but there is visibility through the slides which addresses concerns the police department had regarding security, Job explained.

Job added that the improvements also include extending the walkway near the pavilion side of the field.  As previously reported, the borough has a budget of $150,000 towards the project, half which comes from an open space grant and the borough will fund the other half.  

Job told officials he believed the project could be completed before the Relay of Life event which is scheduled for the weekend of June 2 and June 3 at the athletiic field.


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