Depken Field Sign Discussion Continues Between Borough and School District

Borough and school officials may form a subcommittee to share ideas

Representatives of the borough and the school district may come together in the form of a subcommittee for the purpose of discussing ideas and challenges in regards to some pending projects involving the borough’s athletic field.

The school board has been recently exploring the idea of selling signage at the athletic field which could be an additional form of revenue for the school district.  Mark Nazzaro, school board trustee, has said this has worked well for organizations such as the Little League and the board of education may consider it.

Borough officials say this had originally been discussed years ago by previous borough officials and school board trustees and administrators but it never came to fruition. The borough code had been updated years ago to allow for this and much discussion had taken place.

Nazarro suggested the idea of a subcommittee to the mayor and council Tuesday stating that it may be a good way for both sides to share input.

Mayor Rose Heck suggested that perhaps more discussion should be done with the school administrators before forming a subcommittee however if such a committee is formed Mike Kronyak, borough administrator, Police Chief Michael Colaneri, Councilman Justin DiPisa and Borough Engineer Ken Job would likely serve on behalf of the borough’s side.  

Signage along the Franklin Avenue side would be detrimental to the aesthetics of the neighborhood, Mayor Heck pointed out. Also Chief Colaneri has stated that it has been previously recommended that signs are not hung from the side of the fencing that borders the Route 17 exit.

Another challenge involves foliage which borders the inside of the fence along the Route 17 side. Nazarro said he was told by school board members that the state had put in the foliage when they put the fence up more than a year ago which the school board had apparently okayed. The mayor stated that environmental groups are likely to be on their backs if the board were to consider removing the plants.

Some alternatives were discussed such as the idea of hanging signs from the light posts or from the portable fence at the field.

Borough officials have also been working with school administrators in regards to upgrades to the field which includes replacing the fence along the Franklin Avenue side with screen-like type material.

A subcommittee would also discuss the status of the project to replace the fencing along the Franklin Avenue side of the field.

Last month officials said they would at this time that would fit within budget. The borough has about $150,000 towards the project, half of which comes from a grant and the rest from borough funds.



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