Heights Health Board Works to Control Feral Cat Population

The growing population of feral cats in some areas around town are causing problems for some residents therefore the Board of Health is enforcing its ordinance which prohibits the feeding of such animals.

The Board of Health is urging residents to not feed outdoor cats, enforcing a borough ordinance designed to help control the population of these feral cats as they have been known to cause a multitude of problems for some homeowners.

Laura French, secretary, says the borough passed an ordinance a few years back that prohibits the feeding of outdoor animals. Residents caught feeding and enabling these cats could face fines.

Once an animal knows where its food source is it will come back but when the food source is removed it will move on to another area, explained French.

Multiple complaints have been reported from residents who are experiencing the presence of these feral cats on their property.

The Board of Health invited residents to its monthly meeting last week to discuss the issue. Some residents came forward with complaints, including one who stated her yard was being used as "a litter box" by these animals because neighboring property owners are feeding them, according to French.

French said there are other concerns involved such as safety referring to a situation where a residents' dog was attacked by a feral cat.

Some of the areas in town where these feral cats have been known to dwell include MacArthur and Collins. French also said many cats may have moved into the Heights area when construction stated at Curtis-Wright property on the border in Wood-Ridge.

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