Independent Carol K. Skiba Seeks a Council Seat

Carol Skiba, a former Democratic councilwoman, runs as an Independent, for a council seat

Carol K. Skiba, longtime resident and former councilwoman, once again seeks a seat on the borough council in the November municipal election.

Skiba served as a councilwoman from 2005 to 2007. She previously served as a Democrat and has run as a member of that party in previous elections but this year she runs as an Independent. She says she chose to run on her own this time because she felt her party "wouldn't support me because I would not do as I was told."  She continues to seek office because “I believe in public service. I like to take care of things and I like to see results.”

Skiba said she is concerned about taxing and overspending in the borough and sees shared services as a solution to this problem. She says there should not be any fears about shared services and it won’t make a town lose its identity but rather will help reduce costs. Skiba said many surrounding towns are receiving grants to conduct studies for sharing courtrooms or consolidating police departments, which she believes is too large for a one-square mile town.

One of her main concerns involves the development of the Westmont station in Wood-Ridge which borders the borough. She believes “no one is keeping a close eye on its development.” She says she is concerned that Passaic Avenue in Heights will get the most traffic which could also be a concern for nearby schools.

Skiba believes the current property reassessment process came along “too late.” She said when the market plummeted so did home prices and she believes the governing body should have been more proactive and looked into doing this sooner to help the taxpayers out.

Skiba, whose campaign platform is “Taxpayers’ choice” said, “I want to be an advocate for the taxpayers. I don’t feel like their voices are being heard.  I like to walk the straight line and be honest and not be influenced by party politics. It’s about the taxpayers and putting their needs first.”


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Carol Skiba


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