Residents Opposed to Signs, Noise at Heights Athletic Field

Mayor suggests residents take their concerns and suggestions directly to the Board of Education.

Hasbrouck Heights Board of Education can expect to hear opposition coming in from residents who reside across the street from Depken athletic field about their plan to place signs along the fence as a way to generate revenue.

Two residents approached the mayor and council Tuesday night with their concerns of safety and the overall look of the neighborhood regarding the placement of signs. Concerns about noise levels coming from the field were also voiced. 

Mayor Rose Heck advised they bring their concerns to the attention of the Board of Education directly as the borough is not involved in those decisions.

Discussion had picked up earlier this month regarding the Board of Education's interest in using space at the field for the purpose of advertising for some time.

Jean Lindquist, who lives at the corner of Franklin and Field avenues, says she hopes the Board of Education will be "good neighbors" in their decision to go ahead with placing signs at the field. Lindquist listed a number of alternative solutions to using space there to generate revenue which she was told should be addressed to the school district superintendent.

Regarding sign placement along the Franklin Avenue fence, she says the presence of these signs would devalue the neighborhood. Restricted view into the field could also be a safety concern, she stated, referring to a report from this past spring where a police officer on patrol spotted two teens at the field late at night who turned out to be in possession of stolen items.

Lindquist said it was an example of how important it is for the police to be able to see into the field.

She also referred to a petition she had brought before the council this past spring in opposition to a blocked view of the fence as the borough had previously considered a design that would have created less visibility of the field from the roadway.

Nancy Elbrecht, also of Franklin Avenue, said she hopes something can be done to reduce the sound at the field during games and events. She claims she is able to hear music from the field when she is all the way in the basment of her home.

Both Lindquist and Elbrecht stated they have heard teens carrying on in the field late at night past the 9:30 p.m. closing time. Chief Michael Colaneri told them the next time they notice this activity to notify the police department as the teens are not supposed to be on the field at that time.

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