Fence Won't Block Residents' View Of Field

Officials respond to homeowners and now Depken Field will get a decorative fence on the Franklin Avenue side.

The view of from Franklin Avenue won’t be masked by a screened fence after all.

After learning that homeowners on Franklin Avenue do indeed want a view of the field, officials have decided to do away with the plans for a screened fence, and will instead install a decorative one allowing the field to be visible to all.

Officials said they had plans to put up a fence that would mask the view of the field because Franklin Avenue homeowners had previously expressed to them that they did not want to see the field and its sports activities from their homes.

Then late last month, Franklin Avenue homeowners all in support of a fence that would not cover up their view of the field.

In response to the petition, Mayor Rose Heck had said the borough would have to check with all the homeowners due to the complaints officials had heard from some of those residents previously.

In recent weeks, she and borough officials visited the Franklin homeowners to confirm that this is indeed what they want,  the mayor explained.

“I appreciate how Mayor Heck, Justin DiPisa and Mike Kronyak addressed the concerns from the Franklin Avenue residents in regards to the fence along Depken Field.  It’s nice to know that you can go to your town officials for support,” said Jean Lindquist, of Franklin Avenue, who brought the petition to the mayor and council last month.

“It’s a beautiful field and will keep up the look of Hasbrouck Heights,” said Lindquist who added that many she had spoken to, of all different age groups, feel the same way.

Borough Engineer Ken Job said the design they plan to go with will look just like the black iron fencing along the Oldfield Avenue side of the field. Job plans to contact the company that installed that fencing to get the specs which he believes can be done quickly.

The new fence is part of an which is being funded partially by way of a grant. The rest will be funded by the borough.


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