Officials Discuss New Pavillion Project for Woodland Park

Discussion included how the existing fire place and chimney can be integrated into the new structure.

Borough officials are currently working with its engineer on plans for the new  pavilion at Woodland Park which will replace the current structure which has been showing signs of long term wear and tear as it has long since outlasted its life expectancy.

During the recent work session meeting, Kenneth Job, borough engineer, showed Mayor Rose Heck and council members some pre-fabricated pavilion designs which he recommends pointing out that the roof would look much like the current one.

Mayor Heck asked Job if the posts and concrete slab, or platform, of the current structure would remain to which Job said it would be in the borough’s best interest to replace them as per the manufacturers he has consulted.

The only aspect which could become an issue, Job explained, is the fireplace and chimney structure which is located on the south side of the current pavilion. He questioned the condition of the structure and whether it can be integrated into a new pre-fabricated pavilion while remaining a free standing structure. 

Council members and the mayor stressed that they want the fireplace to remain. It was put together by the Lions Club which was instrumental in helping the borough establish Woodland Park. The Lions continues to maintain the fireplace and also recently rebuilt the stone grill area in the wall.

It was suggested that perhaps a new pavilion will need to be constructed however Job said they will just need to determine how they can integrate it into the support of the new pavilion structure. Councilwoman Pamela Link asked how the fireplace would be affected by the need to replace the concrete platform to which Job said the workers would be able to cut around it.

Earlier this year the borough appropriated the sum of $140,000 towards the new pavilion, of which $69,500 comes from a Bergen County Open Space Trust Fund grant.

Job stated that he would like to go to bid for the project in the fall and hoped to have the project complete by end of fall or at the latest next spring. However with town events such as  Town Day and the Halloween parade planned for the park this fall, Mayor Heck suggested that it would be best to have it completed by spring.


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