Park Summer and Fall Events Won't be Affected by New Pavilion Construction

Due to the projected timeframe officials agree its best to begin project after summer and fall events.

Summer day camp, Town Day, Halloween in the park and other based events will not be affected by the construction of the new pavilion as the project, which is projected to take roughly three months or more, will now begin late this fall.

Originally, officials hoped to see this however Borough Engineer Kenneth Job reported Tuesday that it will not be possible due to the complicated matters required in the construction of the new pavilion which must fit around the existing chimney/fireplace structure. The chimney/fireplace structure was donated by the Lions Club decades ago, and is a historic and cherished piece which the borough wants to preserve.

As borough officials do not want the summer and fall programs affected, Job recommended that demolition of the current pavilion begin at the start of November after all events are completed. Over the winter months the concrete slab can be constructed and the new pavilion can be erected during March and April and completed by May 2013. Mayor Rose Heck agreed the plan made sense.

Job said the most time consuming component involves figuring out the specs for fitting the pavillion structure around the existing chimney/fireplace which can not be done until the current structure is demolished. Once that is in place it will take eight weeks to fabricate the structure and have it delivered before it can be put up, he explained.

The new pavilion will be shifted slightly covering the sink area which is located on the south side of the existing structure. The chimney and fireplace will also be located slightly further inside the structure as well. The roof of the new pavilion will now have a gutter system, which the current roof does not have. Job said an orange line has been painted around the existing structure at the park outlining the base for the new construction.  

The current pavilion is said to have long since outlived its life expectancy showing signs of wear and tear. The borough previously in the amount of $69,500. The rest will be covered by the borough.


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