Streetscape Project Moves Ahead

Borough awards bid to contractor prior to DOT deadline

The next phases of the Boulevard Streetscape Project will move forward now that the borough has hired its contractor to do the work to improve the area of the Boulevard between Jefferson and Hamilton streets, awarding a bid in time to meet the required Aug. 25 deadline which was set by the state Department of Transportation.  

Last Tuesday the borough awarded the bid to Reggio Construction of Fort Lee in the amount of  $234,942.50, Borough Administrator Mike Kronyak confirmed. Most of the project has been funded by state DOT grants. Since the grant which will fund one of the phases which will be worked on next came was granted in 2010 the borough was required to award a bid for the work by Aug. 25 of this year.

The borough first went out to bid earlier this month however the as they came in too high. During this second round of bidding, four bids came, ranging from the lowest amount of $234,942.50 which was the contract the borough awarded to as high as $279,634, Kronyak said.

The streetscape project involves the installation of new pavers, curbs and lighting to Boulevard streets as well as , a thick plastic substance which is then molded and shaped to resemble bricks. The substance is known to be more durable than real bricks.

Work to the first two phases of the project, the area of the Boulevard between Washington and Jefferson is complete. Now the borough has combined phases three and four – Jefferson to Franklin and Franklin to Hamilton into one job to save on costs and to save on time, according to borough and engineering officials.

Each street on the Boulevard is considered one phase of the project, Kronyak explained. To date the borough has received $590,000 in grants from the state for the construction. The borough has added on about $160,000 towards the work to all four phases. He explained that the grant money goes solely towards the construction and the borough contributes to the engineering and additional costs that may be required.

The in order to continue upgrading all the streets along the Boulevard up to the traffic circle at Passaic Avenue.



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