Town Forum Would Address Illegal Sump Pump Issues

Borough continues its investigation into illegal sump pump connections while working to educate the community on the issue

As the borough continues its investigation into the illegal use of sump pumps, officials are working on other ways to educate the public on how such improper discharge of such devices can severely cause harm and damage to other homes in the borough.

The borough is planning host a town forum to help people understand the problem and define what it means to have an illegal sump pump, Councilman Justin DiPisa said Tuesday night during the council meeting. Mayor Rose Heck said the forum would likely be held in November.

Early last week a asking all homeowners to check their sump pump and French drain connections as the first step in trying to prevent the other homeowners from sewerage backups in their basements which officials say caused devastating problems for a number of families in the borough.

Illegal use means that sump pumps can not be discharged directly into the borough’s sanitary sewer system by way of toilets or sinks. 

Homeowners have 60 days to disconnect any such improper connections before summons would be issued, the mayor said. Homes will be visited during this investigation.

Officials say the proper way is to connect a hose to the sump pump and have it discharge outside the home onto one’s property and in the case of extreme rain which was experienced during Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee such hoses can be discharged into the street by way of the home’s driveway.

experienced damage and flooding following the storm which borough engineer Ken Job determined was caused by the overflow of the sewerage system. Most of the homeowners who attended the Sept. 13 council meeting stated that this is an ongoing problem they experience. Some say it’s been getting worse over the years.

It is believed that many homeowners may not be aware their homes have an improper connection. Mayor Heck has stated that she believes that if others really understood what is happening to those homes who are affected by the overflow of the sewer system they would act to correct such improper connections.



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