What is the Status of Overnight Parking in Private Lots? [POLL]

To date there have been no applications for permits to rent spots in private parking lots; some residents are asking questions as to what the rules are.

Some residents have been questioning what the situation is regarding parking at private lots belonging to commercial properties or non-profit organizations since an ordinance that puts restrictions on what type of vehicles and how long they can be parked was put in place.

in order to rent parking spaces to vehicles for overnight parking.

According to the ordinance, vehicles can be parked at these lots from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. provided the property owner has a permit. The ordinance also sets a size limitation that vehicles must be 20 feet, no wider than 9 feet and no greater in height than 10 feet.

As per the size limit, vehicles like box trucks and trailers would not be able to rent spots at these lots. However the .

Before this ordinance was adopted, there were which officials put in place a few years back to ease residents parking woes by allowing them to rent spots as the borough continues to maintain its no overnight street parking rule.

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That moratorium had no time restrictions or limits as to what type or size of vehicles could be parked. When this new ordinance went into effect it did away with any rental agreements that previously existed under that moratorium, officials had said. 

As per Nick Melfi, head of the building department and construction code official, as of the first week of May there have been no applications for a permit submitted since the ordinance went into effect Jan. 1.

Permit fees, as per the ordinance, are $50 a year for commercial properties and $10 a year for non-profit organizations. The ordinance does not put in any restrictions as to the rental agreements themselves between the property manager and the vehicle owners.

Property owners would be in violation of the ordinance if vehicles were being rented or parked during overnight hours without a permit.

As per Police Chief Michael Colaneri any violations reported would go through the building department as the police department would not have any record of summonses issued. Melfi had not been aware of any summonses issued to date.

Have you noticed vehicles parked at lots during overnight hours or for extended periods of time? If so have you reported it? Do you believe it needs stricter enforcement? Tell us in the comments. 


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