Corpus Christi School Gets Visit From Army Captains

Husband and wife Army pilots visited Corpus Christi School to thank the students for their support while they were stationed in Afghanistan.

Corpus Christi School students got to learn about what it’s like to be an Army pilot from two special visitors Captains Christine and David Krueger who came by to thank them for all their support while they were serving in Afghanistan.

Christine, who is a cousin of the Hasbrouck Heights Demicco family, and her husband David are currently on leave after serving a year of deployment.

They addressed the students in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades on Wednesday answering questions about what it’s like to fly, what made them decide to go into the Army and how long it takes to get to Afghanistan. Students eagerly raised their hands wanting to learn more and more.

While in Afghanistan they were stationed about an hour or so away from each other but Christine says they did get to communicate through radio at times. They each fly different types of helicopters which serve different purposes in the mission. David explained it takes about a year and a half to learn how to pilot and the learning continues as you go along

Christine Krueger told the students they were extremely grateful for the packages the students had sent them while they were stationed overseas as it was a good feeling to know they were being thought of back home.

She told the students they shared many of the cards they had been sent and shared some of the candy with the children in Afghanistan. David explained they would wrap the candy in socks and fly the helicopter really low and toss it to the children below playing cricket, a popular sport in Afghanistan. He told them the children loved it and would run over as soon as they saw the helicopters approach.

The Kruegers left the school with a special gift, the American Flag which Christine had flown from her helicopter on July 4th this year.

Corpus Christi School Principal Michelle Murillo called the couple “an inspiration to us all.”

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