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Heights Elementary Students Get Anti-Bullying Lessons

Both Euclid and Lincoln elementary schools took part in the Week of Respect

Students at both Euclid and Lincoln elementary schools have been taking part in character education activities and lessons during this annual Week of Respect.

Each day the students have been encouraged to wear items relating to an anti-bullying theme such as silly sock day based on the theme “sock it to bullying” explained Joseph Colangelo and Michael Sickels, principals of Lincoln and Euclid respectively.

Colangelo talked to all fifth grade students at both Lincoln and Euclid sharing a factual tale about a youngster named Danny who was born without his left arm.

The young boy spent years saddened by being made fun of for something he was just born with but thanks to an opportunity to train with a martial arts Dojo, he managed to gain self-confidence little by little until he was strong enough to beat a five-time champion in a tournament. And he did so with the knowledge of just one move because his weakness had been turned into his strength, Colangelo pointed out.

Colangelo’s tale of Danny’s inspirational story was meant to show students how important it is to have self-confidence and to believe in themselves.

The principals also brought in one of their colleagues to read her daughter’s true story about being a victim of bullying to fourth grade students. The idea was to make the students realize that bullying is real and can happen to people they know.

Earlier this week Euclid students in grades pre-K to 3 heard the story "Have You Filled a Bucket Today" read to them by second grad teacher Pam Lambe, said Sickels. As part of the activity, students wrote about the nice things that they have done to “fill their own bucket" spoke about apologizing to others and to not upset others, he explained.

Both schools conducted safety patrol induction ceremonies for the fifth graders this week.

On Friday, elementary school students will see the film “The Ant Bully” which is a story about a young man who takes out his aggression out on ants after he is picked on. The story is meant to show the students that it’s wrong to hurt other people’s feelings.   


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