Heights Students Gain Confidence With Glee

New elective has eighth grade students singing and speaking in public.

Hasbrouck Heights Middle School eighth graders are literally singing praises about a new elective class that is teaching them positive self-expression and helping them gain confidence.

Members of the Glee and Public Speaking class showed members of the school community how far they’ve already come in just six weeks by getting up on stage and singing at Thursday’s Board of Education meeting.

Middle school teacher Kara Doyle says the class is teaching these students to become more confident and more accepting of other people in general. They are freely expressing themselves which she says is a huge deal. She finds she is learning from them every day.

The students took to the stage to perform “Payphone” by the group Maroon 5.  Doyle says this is just the beginning for them as there are plans to have them perform more musical numbers later in the year.

Christine Franco displayed the public speaking element of the class by telling all that she is really enjoying it so much and it’s made her feel so much more confident it’s the exact reason why she chose to get up and speak at the meeting.  

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