New Teachers Hired for School Year 2012-2013

Six new staff members replace those who have retired or moved to new positions, two will be temporary replacements. Nine other staff members were transferred within the district.

UPDATED 3:55 p.m. - The   approved the hiring of eight new teachers and staff members Thursday night.

Six will replace some teachers and staff members who retired or moved into new positions and two who will be temporary replacements for teachers while on maternity leave.

The six new hires include teacher certified in business, finance, economics and law for the high school.

Three teachers to fill spots at Lincoln School grade 1 and grade 4. One teacher for Euclid grade 3 and grade 5 and a .6 special education teacher for Euclid School.

The official list of new hires:
D. Coffey - high school business, finance, economics and law
M. Mertz - Lincoln Grade 4
J. Hoehnecker - Euclid Grade 5
T. Pagan - Lincoln Grade 1
M. DeMaria - Euclid Grade 3
P. Auteri - .6 Euclid Special Education
D. Reynolds - leave replacement for B. Chapin from Sept. 5 until Dec. 21
D. Robertson - leave replacement for J. Mansfield from Sept. 5 until Nov. 30.

In addition the board approved the transfers of nine additional staff members within the district:

Donna Wipper from Euclid to the Middle School
Maria Philp from Euclid to the high school and middle school
Linda PIzzute from High School to Euclid School
Kim Caputo from Euclid to Lincoln Grade 3 resource
Sarah Ulrich from Lincoln to Euclid
Neal McCarthy from high school middle school to high school middle school and Lincoln
Nicole Fried from Euclid to high school/middle school
Maureen Garden from middle school to Euclid

Also A. Bourhill will move from Lincoln to a self-contained class at the middle school.


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