Search for Middle School Principal Begins

Board of Education will begin interviewing middle school principal and assistant high school principal next month.

By the time of the end of this school year rolls around, the administrative positions at the should be permanently filled.

The will begin interviewing next month for the middle school principal position and assistant principal position at the high school, confirmed Dina Messery, school district business administrator.

Since Dec. 1, 2011, the principal position at both the middle school and high school has been covered by . The Board of Education decided in January to permanently make Simmons high school principal effective July 1 of this year.  

a math teacher and coach in the district for nine years, and , a history teacher who has been with Heights for more than a decade, have been working with Simmons while serving as interim assistant principals for grades 6 to 12 also since Dec. 1. These interim positions are slated to last until June 30 of this year.

Simmons served as middle school principal from February through November 2011. Before moving to the middle school, she was principal of for eight years. Simmons took over as high school principal following to take a superintendent position in Verona.

. Simmons was chosen as a replacement for exiting middle school principal In addition, Peter O’Hare who was high school principal for more than a decade, replaced Simmons as the head of Euclid School while Forte replaced O’Hare as principal.


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