Superintendent Reports Decrease in HIB Incidents

More anti-bullying efforts, character education focus will be put towards the middle school level where most incidents occur.

Hasbrouck Heights school district reports a 10 percent decrease in HIB incidents for the first three months of the school year compared with figures from the start of the previous school year.

Superintendent Mark Porto told parents Thursday there were 42 investigations conducted from September to December, 12 of which were deemed HIB (harassment, intimidation and bullying).

The previous school year, which was the first year district's were mandated to conduct HIB investigations, there were 64 investigations of which 24 were deemed actual HIB incidents, he said.

Porto said the district can not be certain if the decrease is indeed attributed to the character education and overall awareness of anti-bullying and harrassment the schools have instilled. Smaller numbers is good news but it will not mean the district will stop any of the efforts its been taking to eliminate bullying, said Porto.

With most of the incidents occuring at the middle school level, Porto said more focus will be put on those grade levels as staff will work to promote positive behavior motivation. Staff will work with a victimized student assisting he or she on future reporting of incidents to keep him or her sale. Also identified offenders will have to go through conflict management training, said Porto.

Although special attention will be put toward the middle school, anti-bullying efforts will continue at all schools, Porto said.

Chris Peters January 29, 2013 at 05:38 PM
The Collaborative Parents Committee (CPC) is also supporting efforts for an new inclusion program that will be geared towards the 3rd to 5th grades. Research has shown that 64% of victims of bullying in schools are students with special needs, hence why this is one of the goals of the CPC.


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