8 Heights Teachers To Switch Schools

A ninth teacher will shift grade levels and the pre-K program will be offered at Euclid School in September.

Eight teachers will change schools in September.

The approved the transfer of the teachers last week in preparation for the upcoming school year.

Before the board voted to approve the resolution, Board Trustee Joseph Rinke, who heads the Education Commitee, explained these educators are being placed at what is found to be the best fit where they will help students excel. Rinke added that Superintendent Mark Porto reports that all the teachers are on board and looking forward to the upcoming school year.

In addition the pre-K will now be offered at as of September. Rinke said the program has been so successful at it led to the need to expand the program. He said 34 students are enrolled for next year and there is also a waiting list.

Some of the teachers are moving from the middle school/high school level down to the elementary level or vice versa. Also moving is Nicole Fried, school pyschologist, who will move from middle school/high school to Euclid School. She will remain the district's anti-bullying coordinator, Business Administrator Dina Messery confirmed.

Some teachers moving from one elementary school to the other such as Lincoln School pre-K teacher Lori Tomesco who will now move over to Euclid to be part of that school's new pre-K program.

Other teacher transfers include:

Betty Chui moves from Lincoln School to Euclid School
Art teacher Cheryl Reed moves from Lincoln/Euclid up to the middle school/high school
Karen Dolan moves from the middle school to Lincoln and Euclid
Nicole Rucci will move from the middle school to Lincoln School
Lori Cintron will move from Euclid School to the middle school
Joanie Galluci will be transferred from Lincoln to Euclid
Suzanne Gallo from Euclid up to the middle school/high school
Jennifer Martello will remain at Lincoln but will move to pre-K 4


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